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    MMSC  Senior Racing

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MMSC Senior Race Schedule for 2018-19

Day Date  Time  Event  RaceID Location  

Sat    Dec 15    10:00  GS/GS   A,B       Alpine Valley        

Sun    Jan 6      10:30  SL/SL*   C,D       Sunburst   

Sun    Jan 13    10:30  GS/GS*  E,F        Sunburst  

Sat  Jan 19    10:00  SL/SL     G,H       Holy Hill      

Sun    Jan 27    10:00  SL/SL     I,J        Little Switz     

Sat    Feb 2     10:00  GS/GS   K,L        Holy Hill   

Sun    Feb 17    10:30  SL/GS    M,N       Sunburst

Sunburst races start at 10:30am.  ALL others start at 10:00am

*If the December race is canceled, the race on 1/6 will be two GSs and the one on 1/13 will be two slaloms. The number of Slalom and GS races will be adjusted for any cancelations to try to keep them equal as the season progresses.  Always watch for email info and updates for races and practices.

Practice will be held at Little Switzerland on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. If there is a conflict with High School racing on a night or two, we will try to practice on Tuesday, or possibly Wednesday on the back side, or possibly Wednesday at The Rock (old Crystal Ridge) which is owned by Switz.

MMSCSR will also practice at Sunburst on Friday nights from 6:30 to 8:30.  

Sunburst is again offering a $149 pass to MMSC club member racers and non-racers and MMSCSR Independent racers.  For the MMSC $149 Sunburst season pass call 262-626-8404 ext 233 to order. In addition to Friday practices we have 3 races at Sunburst this year.

E-mail updates as to a starting time, date changes, or any cancellations will be sent out. We will not practice during the holiday period.  If you have a doubt about a practice occurring, check your email first where I will try to post late practice changes or cancellations by 5:00 pm for our team.

Rev:  11/19/2018