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    MMSC  Senior Racing

Race: 1/A - GS/GS Alpine Valley 10:00am   followed by Race 2/B GS

Dec 19th at Alpine Valley 10:00 AM Start Saturday

            Two GS races

            Two runs of GS followed by two runs of GS.

Please check below to see if you have been asked to help and need to confirm or see any related information.

Results from the last race are posted on our website.

Season Awards are awarded to at least half the racers in a class. 9 racers = 5 awards

World Cup Points will only be reported at the end of the year after all races have been reconstructed to come up with season-end points for final standings.

 From Bump Information on the race results page of :

- A racer will not be bumped in the current season based on results obtained in the last 2 race dates

 provided the racer has finished at least 4 races prior to the race in which he/she might be bumped. Bumps that would have occurred as a result of the last 2 race dates would happen for the first race of the following season.


All Racers should correctly & securely attach GS flags to the gates.

Ask if you don’t know how.  To redo them slows up the race. The stretch cord has to wrap tightly around the pole before it is slipped around the button.

Bring your race bib.  $5 to race without it. $25 to replace a lost bib or don’t  return it when you no longer to decide to race.  $25 is our actual cost for these high quality race bibs.

You will need to buy a lift ticket at the Ski School desk.

All racers are still needed to help at each race date to do all of the following:

1.  Correctly attach GS flags to the gates at GS races.

2.  Remove poles after the Slalom or GS by twisting and pulling.

3.  Take down all race equipment at the end and make sure it gets organized and to the transporting vehicles.  2 signs, 4 bags of red and blue gates, 2 rakes, and a grey bin.

Please REPLY or call to Confirm the Help Requests below.

AL  414 688 2938

Course setters  Pick up the gates and gear at the car drop off area leaving the start board and bin at the timing building.

Be ready to go up the lift at 9:30.

Course Helpers  Be ready to go up the lift at 9:30.  Also help with the GS course sets.


Registration  9:30 - 10:00


Bring pencils, pen, a marker and cash for change.

Get MMSCSR Waivers for all racers not listed as signed up on the RUN ORDER LIST that will be given to you. Temps need a Waiver only. Our MMSCSR rules require All racers age 18 thru 20 need a parent signature. Age 10 thru 17 need a parent signature and a parent present at the area all day

Temps $10 one race, $15 for the day, both races.  Missing bib $5 to ski without, $25 to replace. Checks to MMSC Senior Racing.

Circle each racers bib number on the 2 start board sheets.

Temps do not get bibs, but record their first name and initial as a Temp on the start board sheet and full name as a Temp on the timing sheets at the end of Class 1.

You’ll be given a list of names with bibs already assigned to racers on the RUN ORDER LIST that you pass out if they show up.  Won’t be any

New racers not on the RUN ORDER LIST should be assigned a new bib number, pick in order from 70, 72, 76, 80, 85 - 99.  Record their assigned bib number on the start board sheets and full name and bib number on the timing sheets at the end of Class 1. New racers will be given a bib at the next race.  They’ll have to be Temps this late in the season.

At ~10:00 Give MMSC Waivers, Help forms, cash/checks to Kelsey in the Timing building. Use Scotch tape from the grey bin at the Timing building to tape the start board sheets to a foam board that is clamped to the start board also located at the Timing building.  See that the start board gets to the top start area.

Timing Setup  starting by 9:30

       Jim Lousier  

Starters  alternating 


Timing  arrive at hill by 9:30


Time Posting  after first few classes 


Distribute GS Flags by each gate as both courses are set for all racers to help attach to the gates.