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WELCOME to Metropolitan Milwaukee Sr. Alpine Ski Racing 2022-2023 season

Next Race.. Sunday  Feb 12 Sunburst  GS GS  10:30am start

   Assignments HERE

Results are now posted for first 10 races. Click Race Results on Left

Live-Timing Results

At least one day after the race is completed you can search races using this

New and PROSPECTIVE racers, Click here for info

See and print the 2018 Race Promotion Flyer.... Click.

  SCHEDULE for the upcoming season is here.. Click here

    Are you excited to race again? Coming soon.

2023 Waiver is here.. Click

  You can download, print the waiver and sign it.

   Deliver via snail mail to your club chair.

2023 Help form is here. .Click

  You can download it and save to your computer.

   Open and check the boxes for races you are available

    to help at.  Enter your name etc at bottom

    Save, and then email to AL Lemke as attachment.

Your NEW CLASS assignments for this season are here..Click


Race results for last season..

  Click Race results in column to the left

  Season Year End Race results also posted, link at bottom

Live-Timing for all races can be found here, click.

The SL/GS Hcp in the right most column of Race 14 is your final season handicap, the average of your best GS and Best SL Hcp of the season.

This will be your Hcp going into next season. Please note that the SL/GS bump numbers at top of each class on Race 14 could be adjusted and may reflect your class placement for next season.


New and PROSPECTIVE racers, Click here for info

See and print the 2018 Race Promotion Flyer.... Click.

If you raced as TEMP or INDEPENDENT racer last season, you need to join a MMSC club to race for more than 2 race dates in 2022-2023, get a season standing, and awards. If you were not a Temp last season you may race all race dates as a Temp in the 2022-2023 season.   Note: If you race as a Temp you will not receive any race day awards.

Click here to find out more about our clubs.

Co-chairs for this season are Al Lemke (414-688-2938)  and Norm Schlimbach

We will use the bibs from last season for the 2022-23 season!

Wolfgang Dorner donated the funds for these race bibs.

You are responsible for bringing your bib to each race and you will need to wear it to race.

If you lost it or cannot find it, the cost to replace it is $25 before you can race again.

Please check here for the latest information and watch for emails or phone calls from your club chairperson or AL.     

If you have ideas or requests on what you would like to see here, please send them to..



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