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Latest Senior Race & Practice News....


Practice will be held at Little Switzerland on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. If there is a conflict with High School racing on a night or two, we will try to practice on Tuesday, or possibly Wednesday on the back side, or possibly Wednesday at The Rock (old Crystal Ridge) which is owned by Switz.

MMSCSR will also practice at Sunburst on Friday nights from 7:00 to 9:00.  

E-mail updates as to a starting time, date changes, or any cancellations will be sent out. We will not practice during the holiday period.  If you have a doubt about a practice occurring, check your email first where I will try to post late practice changes or cancellations by 5:00 pm for our team.

Be on the top of the hill ready to help with the set up at practice time.

Check your email before heading out for any cancellation notice which will be sent out by 5:00 PM

You may text or call AL 414 688 2938 if you still have doubts that the practice will be going on.

E-mail updates will be sent out  as to a starting time and any cancellations.

All the races will be Council Run.

Notice: Course inspection is from the side only, ALWAYS! You can ski in and out from the side of the course only. This means NO side slipping or snowplowing in the course. Chief of Course may allow designated persons to slip for course maintenance only.

Make sure everyone knows to help with the tear down AND put a-way in storage after the race.

HELP FORM:    This commitment will accompany your liability waiver when you

          send it to your race chairmen. Click for the Help Form

Mail this completed form along with your waiver and $50 race fee to your team captain.

Fees remain at $50 for individuals and $100 for the team.

Click here for the Liability Waiver form.

Al Lemke and Norman Schlimbach are MMSC SR Co-chairs

Kelsey Kost is the MMSC SR Treasurer.

Tim Riesch is the MMSC SR Secretary.

Ken Killeen is the Race Results computer programmer.

Jan V. is the Webmaster.

Race chairs meeting minutes Click here...

If you have a GMRS radio, bring it to races. Let's improve communication on the hill. Set to 7:11

Attentions Course Setters:

We are looking for experienced setters to set race courses. If you feel

qualified and want to set a course at a race please contact Alan Lemke <> or 414-688-2938 with dates you are available to set. He will be chief of course again and will designate course setters for each

race. Anyone who would like to become involved with course setting should contact Al.

Some great photos from Holy Hill race Jan. 25, 2014 taken by Kelsey's frieng Kevin K.

Click here... to view Kevin's Photos Can you find one of yourself?

Thanks Kevin! They're great.

Photos from 2012 races...

Pam Wolfe's Photos from Holy Hill Race Feb 4 2012. or SKYDIVE LINK to Photo Album

Mark Mueller's Photos from Holy Hill Race Jan. 21 2012

Denise's Photos from Sunburst Jan. 29 2012

Are you in the appropriate class for your ability? 

 Are your times higher from an injury, age, haven't raced in a while, getting smart......You can request to be put in a slower class.  The guidelines below are for if you have been racing, but injury and not having done it for a while are other considerations.  The computer can always move you up if it's appropriate, but you need to request to be moved down.

Explanation.... for a full explanation of class placement and bumps Click Here…