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    MMSC  Senior Racing


All competitors must comply

Non-compliance will result in DQ or suspension.

Link to FIS Rules Section 623 on Re-runs Then go to Page 70 !

Link to special section on MMSC Rerun rules

Race procedure... the run order for the second run as follows:

All racers in the class will be reversed from first run order...

last runs first, first runs last.

If you DQ on the first run, you may still run the 2nd run for practice, in

the same run order as if you had not DQ'd, i.e. reverse order of 1st run.

Course inspection is from the side only. You can ski in and out from the side of the course only. This means NO side slipping or snowplowing in the course. Chief of Course may allow designated persons to slip for course maintenance only.

Stretch BIBs policy:

Remember to keep your stretch bib in a safe place and bring it to each race with you.

If you lose it, please arrive at the race by 9:30am and check in at the table or after 9:45am at the finish line shack.

You will need to pay a bib fee of $5/day, good only for that day. You will race without a bib that day.

Tell the starter your bib number, class and name when in the starting gate in the proper run order.

You can get a replacement stretch bib with a different number for $25.

You cannot start the race unless you do one of the above !!!

I. Eligibility. All competitors (except as noted in

Section I. E.):

A. Must be at least 18 years of age.

B. Must have a current signed liability waiver.

C. Must be a member of an MMSC affiliated club

D. Must have paid the annual registration fee.

E: Must have a current filled out MMSCSR ”HELP FORM” TO HELP RUN SKI RACES form.   Click…

Racers signing up at a ski race as a new racer must submit this form before their next race.

F. A non-affiliated skier may race as a TEMP for a per race fee.

Only Sections I.C. I.D and I.E. above will be waived as follows:

1. You will race as a TEMP racer. You will not need to join a club.

2. You will pay $10 for one race, $15 for two races on the same day and will not need a bib to race.

3. Times will be noted but not counted in daily or seasonal totals.

4. Awards will not be given.

G. A non affiliated skier may race as an INDEPENDENT for an annual fee.

Only Sections I.C. above will be waived as follows:

1. You will race as an INDEPENDENT. You will not need to join a club.

2. You will pay an annual fee and will be given a bib that must be worn when racing.

2. INDEPENDENT racers are eligible for race and season awards.

II. Race Day Procedures/Rules

A. All racers must have a valid lift pass for the day of

the race.

B. All racers must wear an official MMSC bib, visible at

all times while racing, except for TEMPs and those paying $5/day fee for forgotting their bib.

C. All racers bib numbers must be circled on the run order

board prior to racing. TEMPs are added after the last women's or men's class.

III. Start Procedures/Rules

A. Racer must be available when bib number is called for

start. (See Section III.D., Missed Starts)

B. When in the start gate:

1. Poles must be over the start wand and remain in

contact with the snow upon start.

2. Racer has 10 seconds after starter states "Go when

ready" to trip the start wand.

C. If one or both skis are lost on start, prior to the

first gate, an immediate re-start is authorized, with

no penalty.

D. Missed Starts:

1. If a start is missed, the racer may start only at

the end of the following class - with no penalty.

Exception: If your class runs last, you may run

at the end of your class for score. Race workers may race at any time.

2. If a start is missed and the end of the next class

is missed, the racer may run only after the last

class on that course.

IV. On course Procedures/Rules

A. Both competitor's ski tips and both feet must cross

each gate line on the course.

1. Single pole course: the gate line extends from the

designated side of the pole, perpendicular to the fall

line, at ground (snow) level.

2. Double pole course: the gate line is the shortest line

between the two inner poles at ground (snow) level.

B. If a ski is lost on course this is an automatic

disqualification (DQ). (See Section III.C. and V.C.)

C. If a gate line is not crossed, the competitor may return to

cross the missed gate line so long as neither ski releases or is lost. (See Section V.C.)

D. If, while on course, the racer is interfered with, (See

Section VI.C.) the racer must exit the course immediately and promptly request a re-run from the proper authority.

E. In the event that a pole has been knocked out (removed

from it's vertical position) and not replaced, both

racer's ski tips and both feet must cross the original

gate line as defined in Sections IV.A.1.& 2. above, and by

markings in the snow.

V. Finish area procedures/rules

A. If any part of the racers body or equipment crosses the

appropriate finish line and trips the finish timer, the run

shall count; however, both feet must cross the finish line.

B. If the racer, or the racer's equipment disturbs or

renders the timing equipment inoperable, It's an

automatic DQ.

C. If one or both skis are lost after the third last gate, not

counting the finish, the racer may finish subject to

Sections V.A. and V.B. above. However both feet must cross

all the proper gate lines as defined in Sections IV.A.1.

and IV.A.2. above.

VI. Re-Runs. Re-runs will be permitted only under the

following circumstances:

A. A timing equipment failure not caused by the racer,

which results in no time being obtained.

B. A time which is obviously in error.

C. Interference on course such as blocking of the course by

an official, a spectator, an animal, equipment or other


D. If a claim for a re-run is shown to be unjustified, the

racer is disqualified.

VII. Protests:

A. The racer has the right to protest any decision or lack 

of decision in which the racer feels he/she has been wronged or treated unfairly.

B. When the race starter and finish line recorder have deemed that all racers have a recorded time deemed correct for the last run of a race, they shall give the ok for course reset or teardown and no more reruns will be allowed. Racers that think a posted time for themselves or another racer is obviously too slow or fast should make a request through either of the MMSCSR co-chairs, rules advisor, or timing operations person to have the race results scrolled back in the timing building by the timing operations person to see if the proper time was recorded.  The request must be made within 15 minutes of the last racer finishing with a time deemed correct and not requiring a rerun or within 10 minutes of the posting of the unofficial result list whichever is later.

VIII. Race Conduct:

All racers must act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Un-sportsmanlike conduct may result in DQ at the discretion of the jury.

If there are any questions on these rules,see your race chairman.