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    MMSC  Senior Racing

Race: 7 / I - SL 01/24/2021 Little Switz  followed by Race 8J

 Switz Super Slalom Sunday  🏈

The next race is Sunday, Jan 24 at Little Switzerland 10:00 AM.

There will be 2 slalom races for a total of 4 slalom runs.  Racers will be able to go up the lift at 9:30.  Only course setters and course help, including timing will be able to go up at 9:00.  

Please check below to see if you have been asked to help, need to confirm and see any related information. 

Circle your racer bib number on the board when it is placed at the top of the hill.  If a new racer asks where they can sign up, tell them outside near the chair lift line.

There is a heated yurt at the bottom for booting up and gear storage.  It also has a live camera feed of the race lane showing on a TV.

A brown and white warming building has coffee, food, and restrooms.

Awards will be outside in the general bottom area somewhere.

Purchase a racer ticket for $26 at the outdoor ticket window.

Unless indicated otherwise there will be the normal course side inspection.

For maintenance and safety, course slipping will be done by selected racers all 4 runs. The idea is to clear loose piles and banks of snow.  We try to not over slip the actual race track which just can create difficult icy conditions if too many people do it.

If conditions allow, there will be no reset, and no break for inspection after both runs of the first race. 

If there is a reset for the second SL race there will be course side inspection before the 1st and 2nd runs of the second race along with course slipping by selected racers for the 2 runs.  Be alert to possible necessary smaller section changes between races.

All racers are still needed to help do all of the following:

1.  Remove gates by twisting and pulling.

2.  Take down all race equipment at the end and make sure it gets organized and to the transporting vehicles2 signs, 4 bags of 18 count red and blue gates, 2 rakes, and a grey bin. 2 red drills with bits and red drill cases go. to Norman and Al.

Please REPLY or call to Confirm the Help Requests below.

AL  414 688 2938


 Course setters  Meet to unload equipment to lift at 8:15.

      Norman Schlimbach  confirmed

      Reiner Schlimbach  confirmed


Course Helpers  ready to go up hill at 9:00

      John Podsedly  confirmed

      Matt Francois  confirmed

        Dave Cleveland  confirmed

Registration 9:15 - 9:45  

       John Graff  confirmed

Bring bills for change.

Get MMSCSR Waivers (extras are in the gray bin) for all racers not listed as signed up on the RUN ORDER LIST that will be given to you. Our MMSCSR rules require All racers age 18 thru 20 need a parent signature. Age 10 thru 17 need a parent signature and a parent present at the area all day

Racer fees: Temps $10 one race, $15 for the day, both races.  New Independents $60, New Club Racers $50. Missing bib $5 to ski without, $25 to replace. Checks to MMSC Senior Racing.

Temps and New Racers do not get bibs.  Assign and tell Temps and New Signup Racers a  racer number starting with 109 and in order going higher. Record their bib number and full name as a Temp or New Racer on the Run Order List at the end of Class 1. Write their same assigned bib number on the Start Board Sheets and their waiver before you give it to the timers inside.  Tell New Racers they will get a new number and race bib at their next race.

A plastic bag in the gray race bin has a list of names with bibs already assigned to previously signed up racers you can pass out if they show up.  Leave any race bibs left in the gray bin.

At ~9:45 Give MMSC Waivers, cash/checks to Kelsey in the Timing building. You or Jan Vojta can use Scotch tape from the grey bin at the Timing building to tape the Start Board sheets to a foam board that is clamped to the start board also located near the Timing building.  See that the Start Board gets to the top start area with someone.

Timing Set up  starting by 9:00  

       Jim Lousier  confirmed


Starters  alternating 

       Ken Killeen  confirmed

         John Easley  confirmed

Timing  arrive by 9:15

       Mark Harris  confirmed

       Kelsey Kost confirmed