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    MMSC  Senior Racing

Here is the information for the next race,

    with your ‘Help’ assignments:

MMSC SR     Sunday Feb 12 Sunburst   GS GS

Personal Assignments are farther down at the end.  

10:30 start GS

Personal Assignments are farther down at the end.  

At the start make sure the faster racer starts first so both racers are not too close while on course and at the finish

If two racers are of similar speeds, allow a few more seconds, but no more than 10 seconds total.

There is a special Sunburst Registration in addition to our MMSCSR registration 9:15 - 9:45 where you circle your racer bib number at registration in the main lodge and turn in forms and fees if you're late with them or a new racer that needs too.

EVERY RACER FOR EVERY RACE, season pass or not, will need to go to to register for each race with Sunburst.

Select MMSC, complete all the info and Waiver choice and order a ticket.

If you do not have a season pass, it will charge you $45 for the race ticket. You may register for all the races if you add each additional race date one at a time to the "cart" before you check out.  I'll be giving them our roster and providing future roster updates.

You will get a confirmation email from Sunburst.

All racers are still needed to help at each race date to do all of the following:

1.  Correctly attach GS flags to the gates at GS races.  Wrap the short cord tightly, completely around the gate before you place it over the button.  It will appear quite tight.

2.  Remove flags and gates separately after the race.

3.  Take down all race equipment, except timing, at the end.  Help where you can to also get equipment organized and stored properly at the end of the races.

Bring your race bib.  $5 to race without it. $25 to replace a lost bib or don’t return it when you no longer race.  $25 is our actual cost for these high quality race bibs.

The first race will have a course inspection from the side for the 1st and 2nd runs and the second race will not unless there is a necessary reset.  If there is no reset be aware of small changes.   Course slipping will be done by a selected number of racers who don't run early for all 4 runs.

Please REPLY or call or text to Confirm the Help Requests below.

AL  414 688 2938

Course setters  Meet to take equipment to lift at 9:30

Both races if a reset is necessary       

       Eric VanWormer  confirmed  

       Reiner Schlimbach  confirmed


Course Helpers  Ready to go up hill 9:30 at chairlift

Both races if a reset is necessary

       Al Lemke  confirmed

       Dave Dobbs confirmed

       Denise Trokan   confirmed barrier netting by the bottom 4x4 fence

       Sarah Mueller confirmed  barrier netting by the bottom 4x4 fence

       Tim Riesch  confirmed

Registration  9:15 - 9:45

       John graff  confirmed  arrive before 9:15

       so you can be given your materials.  Bring a pen and marker.

Timing Set up

        Jim Lousier  confirmed

        Maynard  confirmed

Starters  alternating

        Maynard McCumber  confirmed

        Tom Marshall  confirmed


      Brian Boerner  confirmed     

      Carolyn Murphy  confirmed

      Jan Vojta  confirmed

      Jim Lousier  confirmed

       Kelsey Kost  ?

       Mark Harris  confirmed